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As the select material of door window, who is better of model steel and aluminum alloy

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During the decoration, we must first select the entrance doors and windows, and even before payment, we must carefully consider their materials. Since doors and windows are so important, do you know what materials are used for doors and windows?
Among them, the sales volume of plastic steel and aluminum alloy materials is relatively high, which is the choice of most decorators. The following introduces the difference between doors and windows made of plastic steel and aluminum alloy, starting from three aspects: material, advantages and price, contrast and highlight the advantages of aluminum alloy.
Material difference
The raw material of plastic steel is polyvinyl chloride resin, which is what we usually call PVC profile, mixed with a certain proportion of stabilizers, fillers, etc., and is made through high temperature and high pressure. However, the PVC material is not hard enough and needs to be used together with steel bars; it is also not environmentally friendly, the material cannot be degraded and cannot be recycled after burning; because the hardness is not enough, the safety and security of plastic steel cannot be guaranteed.
Aluminum alloy is a mixture of aluminum and other metals, which is melted and cast in a high temperature and high-pressure environment. Due to its low melting point and large heat release, aluminum alloy is easily deformed in high-temperature environments; it has a hard texture and a cold appearance. Aluminum alloy is better in terms of safety; metal has a certain degree of anti-strike strength and higher anti-theft performance.
Therefore, in terms of material, the performance of aluminum alloy is better than that of plastic steel, which is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.
Comparison of advantages
1. Corrosion resistance. Both plastic steel and aluminum alloy are resistant to corrosion, but plastic steel is a special production process that can resist corrosion, while the aluminum alloy is a protective layer formed by its own chemical properties to resist corrosion.
2. Both air tightness and water tightness are excellent. The quality of both can ensure warmth and water resistance, but there is a kind of aluminum alloy made of broken bridge aluminum alloy, which is added with nylon material, which has more heat insulation and heat preservation effect than ordinary aluminum alloy.
Plastic steel (PVC) material
3. Durable to use. High-quality plastic steel and aluminum alloy have a long service life, and there will be no deterioration, aging, or embrittlement. However, plastic steel is afraid of fire and aluminum alloy is afraid of high temperature, and both have their own weaknesses.
4. With environmental protection and hardness. Aluminum alloy can be recycled, but plastic steel cannot. Aluminum alloy has better hardness than plastic steel, and metal is more resistant to friction than resin.
In summary, the advantages of aluminum alloy are more prominent than those of plastic steel. Aluminum alloy is the best choice for better quality.

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