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Do you know several preparation methods of nano silicon powder?

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The preparation methods of nano silicon powder mainly include mechanical ball milling method, chemical vapor deposition method, and plasma evaporation condensation method.
Mechanical ball milling method
The mechanical ball milling method uses mechanical rolling pressure and shear force generated by mechanical rotation and the interaction between particles to grind larger silicon materials into nanometer-sized powders.
V.Svrcek et al. used mechanical ball milling to prepare nano silicon powder with a diameter of 2 to 5 nm, and explored the influence of ball mill speed, inner container radius, and different additives on the particle size of nano silicon powder C. Araujo Andrade et al. used Al and SiO2 as raw materials to prepare nano silicon powder by mechanical ball milling.
The mechanical ball milling method has some disadvantages: because of the need to add a grinding aid in the process of grinding silicon powder, it is easy to introduce impurities, its product purity is low, and the particles are irregular in shape, the particle size distribution cannot be effectively controlled, and the post-processing is relatively cumbersome. The efficiency is low and it is not suitable for large-scale industrial production.
Vapor deposition method
Chemical vapor deposition is a technology that uses silane (SiH4) as the raw material for the production of nano silicon powder.
According to the different energy sources for inducing SiH4 pyrolysis, it can be divided into plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD), laser induced chemical vapor deposition (LICVD) and fluidized bed method (FBR). Among them, PECVD and LICVD are currently used to produce nano silica fume in the most important industrial production technology.
Domestic technology prospects
It is believed that with the rapid development of new energy and other industries, the industry's requirements for nano silicon powder gradually increase, and the domestic research on the preparation method of silica fume will also be more in-depth and complete.

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