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Advanced energy materials: three dimensional nanostructured materials: the cornerstone of the next generation of high performance electrochemical energy devices

wallpapers News 2020-11-23

the development of human society is facing unprecedented grim prospects of energy the earth's environment. The continuous large-scale exploitation application of non renewable fossil fuels such as coal oil natural gas have led to a series of challenges such as increasingly serious global climate change deterioration of ecological environment foreseeable energy shortage. Therefore it is very important to develop clean renewable energy to meet these challenges. As we all know solar energy wind energy are typical representatives of renewable energy but they have intermittent characteristics. In order to make more effective use of these intermittent energy sources to meet the growing energy dem of social economic development in recent years people are committed to developing matching high-efficiency electrochemical energy conversion storage technologies devices such as various rechargeable batteries supercapacitors electrochemical fuel cells. Especially in the past decade nano materials technologies have been widely used to improve the performance of electrochemical energy conversion storage devices. Among many nanostructured materials

three-dimensional nanostructured materials are considered as one of the ideal basic materials for high-performance devices have attracted extensive attention. In the field of electrochemical energy conversion storage a variety of three-dimensional nanostructured materials have been designed prepared to improve the energy conversion storage efficiency of electrochemical energy devices significant research progress has been made. However from the perspective of practical application the energy conversion efficiency energy storage performance device reliability of electrochemical energy devices based on three-dimensional nanostructured materials need to be further improved the manufacturing cost needs to be continuously reduced so as to meet the requirements of large-scale application. Recently Professor Lei Yong Dr. Zhao Huaping from ILMENAU University of technology in Germany systematically summarized the development of 3D nanostructured materials their unique advantages challenges in electrochemical energy conversion storage applications. The author believes that the comprehensive analysis in-depth understing of these advantages challenges will help to further promote the research development of three-dimensional nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy devices so as to achieve more efficient electrochemical energy conversion storage efficiency. Firstly various 3D nanostructured materials which are widely used in electrochemical energy devices are summarized. Then the advantages challenges of these 3D nanostructured materials in electrochemical hydrogen production photoelectrocatalytic conversion of nitrogen carbon dioxide to prepare chemical fuels rechargeable metal ion batteries supercapacitors other applications are systematically summarized deeply analyzed. Finally based on the above summary analysis the author puts forward the research emphasis needed to solve the wide application of three-dimensional nanostructured materials in the field of electrochemical energy devices prospects the future development direction.

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