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Advanced functional materials: Mesoporous gold nanostructures for near infrared two region Raman photoacoustic imaging and photothermal chemical antitumor therapy

wallpapers News 2020-10-31
In recent years the diagnosis treatment of tumors induced by near-infrared light has gradually attracted researchers' interest. However the biggest problem of nanomaterial mediated phototherapy is the limited depth of light penetration. Gold nanomaterials are widely used in photothermal therapy photoacoustic imaging drug delivery detection other fields due to their tunable surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) absorption wavelength diverse chemical modifiability high biocompatibility in the near infrared region. Considering that nir-ii (1000-1350 nm) light source has deeper penetration (> 2 cm vs. ≈ 1 cm) higher skin maximum allowable radiation (1 WCM − 2 vs. 0.33 WCM − 2) than nir-i (750-1000 nm). Therefore if a kind of gold nanomaterial can be prepared to absorb in nir-ii it is expected to realize photoacoustic imaging (PAT) photothermal therapy (PTT) of deep tumors. The

LSPR lead to the strong electromagnetic field generated by the gold nanomaterials which can enhance the surface Raman scattering (SERS) so the scattering signal of the Raman probe around the gold nanomaterials can be amplified. Based on the "fingerprint" scattering signal generated by Raman probe SERS Raman imaging can sensitively track the gold nanomaterials labeled with Raman probe molecules at tumor sites. If combined with nir-ii photoacoustic imaging the two imaging methods can complement each other in breadth depth space more effectively visualize the enrichment of gold nanomaterials in tumor sites timely give corresponding treatment measures.

in view of this the Hongjun Wang team of Stevens Institute of technology Ren Lei team of Xiamen University have prepared a kind of mesoporous gold nanoskeleton materials (aunfs) with strong absorption in NIR II region using liposomes with good biocompatibility as templates. This mesoporous material has a large pore size (~ 40 nm) can contain a large amount of doxorubicin (DOX). In addition Raman probe 4-atp can bind to the surface of aunfs through Au-S bond. At this time 4-atp can also be used as a linker to connect aunf ha through amide groups so that the ha-4-atp-aunfs have the ability to target CD44 overexpressed tumor cells. In vivo in vitro studies show that ha-4-atp-aunfs-dox nano system has high nir-ii photothermal conversion ability high drug loading rate tumor targeting function which can realize nir-ii photoacoustic Raman imaging nir-ii photothermal chemical combined therapy. The related work of

is entitled "gold nanoframeworks with mesopores for Raman photoacoustic imaging photo ‐ chemo tumor therapy in the second near ‐ infrared Biowindow" published in advanced functional materials

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