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Advanced materials: where to get manna? From the air

wallpapers News 2020-09-28
The shortage of

water resources is still a common problem in the world. With the rapid expansion of population the surge of industrial water dem water resources have become an important factor affecting the development of civilization. However the existing desalination technology has high cost complex equipment large area it is difficult to apply to inl arid areas. Therefore in terms of economic factors practicability the existing technology is far from meeting the human dem for water. Interestingly fresh water in nature not only exists in rivers lakes but also distributes in the air in the form of water vapor. If the invisible water vapor is collected utilized from the air it will be a universal strategy regardless of the region which has great practical significance to solve the problem of water shortage.

recently the team of Dr. Cheng Huhu Professor Qu liangti of Tsinghua University combined with the research experience of using solar energy to desalinate seawater proposed a new type of composite material with three-dimensional graphene as the skeleton a layer of water absorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate) which is expected to collect fresh water from the air at a low cost. This material can achieve 5.2 L / kg water catching capacity under high humidity then release collect water vapor under sunlight which has good recycling performance. The three-dimensional graphene used provides more than 97% absorbance. At the same time the water collection method realized by this material further overcomes the shortcomings of air pollution even in the haze environment (PM2.5 > 200) it can also collect the purified water that meets the drinking water stard. The small device designed based on this material can provide more than 25 LKG − 1 of daily output in actual use which is enough to meet the drinking water dem of several people so it is of great practical significance. The research achievement "highly efficient clean water production from contained air with a wide humidity range" was recently published in the Journal of advanced materials (DOI: 10.1002 / ADMA. 201905875). The first author of the article is Yao Houze a doctoral student in the Department of mechanical engineering of Tsinghua University. This work is supported by the national key R & D program the National Natural Science Foundation of China the independent research program of Tsinghua University the Tsinghua University Foshan Research Institute program. The participating units are Tsinghua University Beijing University of technology.

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