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How to install longer service life

wallpapers News 2021-03-01
Matching method: interference fit of the shaft and bearing box with shaft ring and seat ring
Installation method: Install the shaft ring by heating
Before installing the bearing, please read all the instructions carefully. The instruction manual contains a variety of optional tools and measurement methods. When selecting the tool recommended in the instructions for use, please check its availability based on the size of the bearings and other related components actually used.
1.Install the bearings in a clean environment. Check the bearing box, shaft and other related components of the bearing to ensure that they are clean.
2.Clean up the oil holes and oil grooves used in the oil injection method.
3.The installation and disassembly of rolling bearings sometimes involve the movement of heavy objects, the use of tools, other equipment, or the use of high-pressure oil. To avoid accidents, personal injury, or property damage, please follow the instructions carefully.
Before installing the bearing, check the dimensional and shape tolerances of all components in contact with the bearing. The diameter of the cylindrical journal is usually measured with a micrometer at four points on each of the three planes; the diameter of the inner hole of the cylindrical bearing box is usually measured using an internal gauge at four points on each of the three planes. Filling in measurement records and archiving will facilitate future tracking work. Measure the length of the mating surface of the bearing, shaft and bearing housing or the length of the matching sleeve. Based on the measurement results, calculate the axial clearance of the bearing configuration after installation. After the measurement is completed, install the bearing.

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