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Titanium Used In Automobiles

wallpapers News 2020-12-28
Among the metal elements, titanium has a high specific strength. It is a high-strength but low-quality metal with fairly good ductility (especially in an oxygen-free environment). The surface of titanium is silver-white and metallic. Its melting point is quite high (over 1,649 degrees Celsius), so it is a good refractory metal material. It is paramagnetic, and its electrical and thermal conductivity are very low.
Consumer Goods and Building Materials
Titanium is used in automobiles, especially racing cars (automobiles or motorcycles). In this field, weight is reduced, but at the same time, strength and rigidity are extremely important. Generally speaking, titanium is too expensive for the general consumer market and it is difficult to find a market. Therefore, its main market is high-end products, especially the high-performance market for competition. The latest Corvette sports car can be equipped with a titanium exhaust system.

Titanium siding on the exterior wall of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
Titanium is used in a variety of sporting goods: tennis rackets, golf clubs, bag stick handles; cricket, hockey, bag stick and American football helmets on the guard frame; and bicycle skeletons and components. Although titanium is not a mainstream material for bicycle production, there are still athletes and bicycle adventure enthusiasts using titanium bicycles. Titanium alloys are also used to make spectacle frames. Although this type of spectacle frame can be a bit expensive, it is lightweight and durable, and does not cause skin sensitivity. Many backpackers in the wild have titanium equipment, including cooking utensils, tableware, lanterns and tent stakes. Although slightly more expensive than the traditional steel or aluminum counterparts, these titanium products are much lighter but not less strong. Farriers also prefer to use titanium, because titanium horseshoes are lighter and more durable than steel.
Titanium forks and spoons suitable for backpackers in the wild weigh about 16 grams, which is lighter than steel cutlery, but stronger than glue.

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