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The Amount Of Vulcanized Rubber Powder In Road Paving

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Sulfide powder in an amount of paved road and has a lot of the production process, the vulcanization is generally used in an amount in the rubber modified asphalt concrete of between 2-5% of the amount of mineral material, the choice of particle size vulcanized rubber powder (3- 12 mesh) can reduce the road rut, improve the wet skid resistance, and the road surface is not prone to reflection cracks.
At present, vulcanized rubber powder is widely used not only in road paving, but also in bridge deck paving. Under proper process conditions, the amount of vulcanized rubber powder can be increased to about 30% of the total asphalt.

With the continuous development and progress of the production process of vulcanized rubber powder, the application of vulcanized rubber powder in pavement paving continues to grow, and its application in pavement paving is increasing, which can not only reduce road paving costs and improve road use Performance and longevity can also consume more waste rubber products and realize the recycling of waste rubber resources, which is of indelible significance to the economy and environmental protection.

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