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How to clean the bearings?

wallpapers Tech 2020-07-29
If you find signs of failure of the bearings, sand and other impurities in the bearings, the lubricating oil starts to harden and deteriorate, or the bearings has been running for 2500-3000 hours, the bearings should be cleaned.
Pay attention to the following items when cleaning bearings:
(1) First remove the old oil in the bearing, then use a brush or cloth dipped in gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearing, at least twice, and at the same time wash the bearing cover and wipe dry.
(2) Do not rotate the bearing during cleaning to prevent debris from being pressed into the bearing raceway.
(3) Bearings that have been cleaned with kerosene should be cleaned with gasoline again. Because kerosene contains a lot of water, use gasoline to wash away the remaining water on the bearing to prevent rust.
(4) The washed bearing should be wiped dry with a clean wiper. Do not wipe with cotton yarn to prevent fluff from falling into the bearing. At the same time, do not touch the bearing with your hands to prevent the bearing from being stained with sweat and rust. Put it on a clean wooden board or paper to let the remaining gasoline or kerosene evaporate.
(5) Wash and dry the bearing. If there is no obvious shaking and no peeling of the ball surface, add pure lubricating oil according to the regulations and put it into service again.

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