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There are two common faults of bearings, do not ignore

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There are two types of faults in rolling bearings; one is that the bearing installation site's temperature is too high, and the other is noise during the bearing's operation.
1. Bearing temperature is too high
When the main engine is running, a specific temperature is allowed at the location where the bearing is installed. When touching the main engine casing with your hand, it is reasonable not to feel hot. Otherwise, the temperature of the bearing is too high.
The reasons for the high bearing temperature are: the quality of the lubricating oil does not meet the requirements or deterioration, and the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high; the assembly of the host is too tight (insufficient clearance): the construction of the bearing is too close; the rotation load of the bearing race on the shaft or the shell is too large; Broken bearing cage or rolling element, etc.
2. Bearing noise
Rolling bearings are allowed to have a slight running noise during operation. If the sound is too loud or there is abnormal noise or click noise, it indicates that the bearing is faulty.
The reasons for the noise of rolling bearings are more complicated. One is the wear of the parallel surfaces of the inner and outer rings of the bearing. This kind of wear damages the matching relationship between the bearing and the housing, and the bearing and the shaft, causing the axis to deviate from the correct position. The bearing generates an abnormal noise when it is loaded. When the bearing is fatigued, its surface metal peels off; it will also increase the radial clearance of the bearing and produce abnormal noise. Also, the lack of lubrication of the bearing, the formation of dry friction, and the fracture of the bearing will produce strange sounds. After the bearing is worn and loose, the cage is free and damaged, and there will also be abnormal noise.

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