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Month: June 2024

ESA’s first on-orbit 3D-printed object “comes out.” best tungsten for aluminum

It is reported that researchers from the European Room Company have actually efficiently published a tiny S-curve on the International Spaceport Station for the first time with the assistance of 3D steel printing innovation. This innovation marks a massive jump in the area of on-orbit manufacturing. The metal 3D printer was manufactured by a commercial…

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Discover the Versatility of Food Grade Succinic Acid: A Natural, Sustainable Ingredient Transforming Industries coco amido propyl betaine

In the quest for sustainable and effective active ingredients in both food and non-food industries, food-grade succinic acid has actually become a versatile celebrity. This naturally taking place dicarboxylic acid, with the chemical formula C4H6O4, is making waves due to its multifaceted applications and eco-friendly production approaches. From improving food tastes to driving developments in…

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Boeing’s Starliner suffers another helium leak small tungsten cube

For the two astronauts that had just boarded the Boeing “Starliner,” this trip was really discouraging. According to NASA on June 10 regional time, the CST-100 “Starliner” parked at the International Space Station had an additional helium leakage. This was the 5th leakage after the launch, and the return time had to be postponed. On…

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Tellurium dioxide dissolution: a solution for the future environment! iii v semiconductors

According to relevant records, greenhouse gas discharges continue to raise, creating climate modification and ecological pollution. In this situation, carbon exhausts are greatly minimized to prevent warming and air pollution issues. And the use of “tellurium dioxide dissolution” technology can achieve this goal. (tellurium dioxide powder) In other words, “tellurium dioxide dissolution” is an arising…

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