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The FAG bearing bore code

The FAG bearing bore code
The bore code is derived from the diameter d of the FAG bearing bore; with a factor of 5 or the addition of an oblique.
For d < 10 mm, the bore diameter is stated in the basic designation
For certain FAG bearing types, the bearing bores are stated directly or in an encoded form in accordance with DIN 623-1. Up to d < 10 mm, the bearing bore diameter is specified in the dimension-specific part of the designation (basic designation) directly as a number indicating the diameter.
For example, FAG deep groove ball bearing 608, bore diameter = 8mm.
The bore code describes the FAG bearing bore from d ≧ 10 mm
For nominal dimensions d ≧ 10 mm to d < 500 mm, the diameter is described by means of a bore code.
For bores from 10 mm to 17 mm, the following applies:
d = 10 mm,        bore code 00
d = 12 mm,        bore code 01
d = 15 mm,        bore code 02
d = 17 mm,        bore code 03.
For all FAG rolling bearings in the range from d = 20 mm to d = 480 mm (excluding double direction axial bearings), the bore code is formed by dividing the dimension of the bearing bore by 5.
For example: FAG 7314-B-TVP-UA Bearing, bore d = 70 mm divided by 5 (70:5), bore code = 14.
From d > 480 mm
From d > 480 mm, the unencoded bore diameter is given with an oblique after the bearing series, e.g. FAG 232/500-BEA-XL-MB1 bearing with bore diameter d = 500 mm.
Intermediate sizes
The FAG bearing intermediate sizes, such as bore diameter d = 22, 28, and d = 32 mm, for example, are also given with an oblique as /22, /28, and /32.

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