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Introduction to Maritime Transport


There are many ways to transport international goods, such as railway transport, sea transport, air transport, road transport, pipeline transport and so on. But sea transport is the most widely used in international cargo transport. At present, sea transport accounts for more than 80% of the total international cargo transport.

Compared with other transportation, sea transportation has the following advantages:

(1) Low cost, because the route is natural, open up the route does not need to spend a lot of money, but also saves the cost of daily maintenance, in addition to the sea route is level, there is no land on the high mountains and depressions, therefore, the ship does not need to consume extra fuel to climb or slow down the slope.

(2) Strong ability to pass, the ocean covers more than 70% of the surface area, the sea channel in all directions, it is not like trains and cars by rail and traffic restrictions, so its ability to pass is very large.

③ The ocean is a continuous body of water. Ships can reach the mainland coast and islands directly without transshipment.

(4) the type of goods transported is not limited, ocean freight ships can be suitable for a variety of goods transport needs, many ships are designed specifically according to the needs of goods, such as: refrigerated ships, roll-on-roll-off ships, wood ships, etc.;

⑤ Ship volume is large, a ship load of hundreds of thousands of tons, hundreds of thousands of tons, very suitable for large, heavy cargo long-distance transportation. In short, the cost of shipping is low, the volume of freight is large, and the cost of freight is low.

At the same time, there are shortcomings of maritime transport, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: high risk, ships sailing on the sea, often will be affected by natural disasters and bad weather, but also may be affected by strikes, wars and other social factors; Freight speed is slow, because the ship itself is larger, in the voyage resistance is large, so compared with railway, road, sea transport speed is slower.

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