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What is a PCR machine?


What is a PCR machine?

PCR machines are also known as PCR systems, or thermal cyclers and thermal cyclers. They are efficient tools for amplifying small fragments of DNA or RNA. This process is also known as "molecular copying". PCR amplification is required. Sometimes scientists need to amplify DNA into millions of copies.

Types of PCR Machines

1. Conventional PCR machine

Machines of this type are commonly used in many fields for medical and diagnostic research, amplifying and quantifying DNA;

2. qPCR machine

This type is also known as a real-time PCR system or RT-PCR system. Compared to the previous method, qPCR detects products in real-time in the exponential phase, providing a faster method for analysis. In addition, there are several models of real-time PCR. qPCR can be used for genotyping and quantitative analysis of pathogens.

What is a PCR machine?

How much is the PCR machine?

Spend different amounts of money depending on your needs. A basic PCR machine can cost $5,000, while the best RT-PCR systems cost between $15,000 and $90,000.

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