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Applications of boron carbide

Control nuclear fission
Boron carbide can absorb a large number of neutrons without forming any radioactive isotopes, so it is an ideal neutron absorber in nuclear power plants, and the neutron absorber mainly controls the rate of nuclear fission. Boron carbide is mainly made into a controllable rod shape in the nuclear reactor field, but sometimes it is made into a powder because of the increase in surface area.
During the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, a frontline aviation regiment stationed in Tozuk, Russia, was all transferred to the east of Chernobyl, and helicopters of various types from Mi-8 to Mi-26 were immediately put into airlift missions. After the boron carbide is exhausted, ordinary sand is added. As the launch progressed, flying became much easier. After the helicopter dropped nearly 2,000 tons of boron carbide and sand, the engineer finally announced that the chain reaction in the reactor had ceased, and the total transport capacity of the helicopter reached 5,000 tons.
Abrasive material
Since boron carbide is a solid harder than silicon carbide or tungsten carbide, it has been used as a coarse abrasive material a long time ago. Because of its high melting point, it is not easy to cast into artificial products, but it can be processed into simple shapes by smelting the powder at high temperature. Used for grinding, grinding, drilling and polishing hard materials such as cemented carbide and gemstones.
Coating paint
Boron carbide can also be used as a ceramic coating for warships and helicopters. It is light in weight and has the ability to resist the penetration of armor-piercing projectiles through the hot-press coating to form an integral defense layer.
In the munitions industry, it can be used to make gun nozzles. Boron carbide, extremely hard and wear-resistant, does not react with acid and alkali, high/low-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, density ≥2.46g/cm3; microhardness ≥3500kgf/mm2, bending strength ≥400Mpa, melting point 2450℃.
Because the boron carbide nozzle has the above characteristics of wear resistance and high hardness, the boron carbide sandblasting nozzle will gradually replace the known sandblasting nozzles of cemented carbide/tungsten steel and silicon carbide, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia, etc.

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