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How to lubricate bearings

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There are several ways of bearing lubrication:
1. Comes with, the newly installed bearings are greased around the guide rails and rolling elements, such as fans for household appliances;
2. Add grease 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the space around the bearing when assembling, and it can be filled through the oil nozzle when in use;
3. Oil lubrication, using thin oil, oil intrusion, oil splash, and forced lubrication cooling.
Also, it is more important to select the appropriate grease according to the equipment's working conditions and select well-known brands with guaranteed quality, such as Kluber, Kluber, Shanghai TOTOLUBE, and Dr. BOSH.
For high-speed bearings, select full-capacity into high-speed bearing grease;
High-temperature bearings, use fully synthetic high-temperature motor bearing grease, fully synthetic high-temperature high-speed bearing grease;
For heavy-duty bearings, select fully synthetic high-temperature heavy-duty bearing grease;
For small and medium bearings or to reduce noise, use fully synthetic noise reduction bearing grease;
Water-sprayed environment, select fully synthetic water-resistant bearing grease;

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