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Characteristics of Zirconium Diboride Ceramic Materials

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Zirconium boride is a common material in borides. There are three zirconium borides in the boron-zirconium system, namely zirconium monoboride (ZrB), zirconium diboride (ZrB2) and dodecahedron Zirconium (ZrB12). Because zirconium diboride has excellent stability in a wide temperature range, most of the zirconium boride produced in industrial production is mainly composed of zirconium diboride.

Zirconium boride is a chemical substance, and its molecular formula is ZrB2. Nature gray hard crystal. Zirconium boride has three components: zirconium monoboride, zirconium diboride, and zirconium tribromide. Only zirconium diboride is stable in a wide temperature ranges. Industrial production is mainly based on zirconium diboride. Zirconium boride is a hexagonal crystal, gray crystal or powder, with a relative density of 5.8 and a melting point of 3030°C. High-temperature resistance, high strength at room temperature, and high temperature. Excellent thermal shock resistance, low resistance, anti-oxidation at high temperature. The melting point is about 3000°C. With metallic luster.

Zirconium diboride has an exceptionally high melting point, strength, hardness, and electrical conductivity (and the temperature coefficient of electrical conductivity is positive), low thermal expansion coefficient, good electrical and thermal conductivity and chemical stability.

ZrB2 ceramic forming method

There are many molding methods for ZrB2, such as isostatic pressing, dry pressing, grouting, and coagulation. People can choose different molding methods according to their needs and actual conditions. To increase the density of products and reduce the sintering temperature, most people use hot pressing sintering, a process of forming and sintering at the same time. Still, only ZrB2 ceramic products with simple shapes can be obtained.

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