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Characteristics and clinical application of nickel-titanium alloy wire

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The characteristics of nickel-titanium alloy wire and its clinical application in the field of orthodontics. Nickel-titanium alloy is widely used for its superior superelasticity, shape memory function, corrosion resistance, good biocompatibility and shock absorption characteristics. Orthodontics field.
Clinical application of nickel titanium alloy wire:
1. It is used for the early alignment of patients' dentitions. Due to the superelasticity and shape memory performance of Nitinol arch wire and low stress-strain curve, it is currently routinely included in the clinical treatment system as the initial stage The arch wire, so that the patient's discomfort will be greatly reduced.
2. Nickel-titanium spring: Nitinol push spring and tension spring is a kind of spring used for orthodontics. It is particularly elastic with nickel-titanium. Nickel-titanium coil springs extend 1mm to produce a force of approximately 50g. Nickel-titanium coil springs have high elastic properties, and can produce a softer and stable continuous force in the stretched state. The attenuation of the force is very small, which can produce the ideal orthodontic force required for clinically moving teeth and meet the physiological requirements. The high elasticity and permanent deformation rate of the nickel-titanium wire tension spring is very low. Compared with the stainless steel wire of the same diameter, the release of the corrective force is different by 3. 5- 4 times.
3. L-H arch wire When the arch wire is ligated to the bracket, the gap between the stress generated when the arch wire is activated and the stress generated when the arch wire is slowly restored to its original state when the tooth is moved is small. Another feature of LH nickel-titanium wire is that it can be bent and can be heated and shaped with heat treatment equipment. Therefore, LH nickel-titanium wire can also be aligned from the line, open to close to the gap, and the final completion stage, one arch wire up and one down That is, the treatment can be completed, as long as the arch wire is taken out and bent to the desired shape at each stage, and then set with a heat treatment instrument to strengthen the hardness.

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