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Sulfur based sulphuric acid plant slows down and low-cost sulphuric acid plant moves forward rapidly

wallpapers News 2020-10-20

From the recent "2014 annual meeting of sulfuric acid industry" sponsored by China sulfuric acid industry association, the reporter learned that in the face of the overall overcapacity of the sulfuric acid industry, the price deviation of upstream raw materials products, the continuous downturn of the downstream main acid industry, especially under the situation of fierce market competition increasing environmental pressure, the industry is constantly seeking changes, After years of rapid growth, the development of sulfur based sulphuric acid has gradually slowed down.

The low-cost sulfuric acid production technology represented by smelting acid has been rapidly developed in the industry.

At the same time, enterprises pay more attention to their own internal transformation, the overall energy saving emission reduction clean production level of the industry are constantly improving.

At the annual meeting, Wu Xuemei, executive vice president of China sulfuric acid industry association, stressed that the era of rapid growth of sulfuric acid production is over.

The data shows that from 2005 to 2013, China's total sulfuric acid output increased by 8.

1% annually, while in 2013, the sulfuric acid output was 86.

5 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of only 2.

9%, the growth rate of sulfuric acid production slowed down significantly.

At present, the overall market dem growth is limited, the industry is in a downturn.

Analyzing the reasons, Wu Xuemei said: first, overcapacity.

second, the continuous weakness of the downstream phosphate fertilizer industry.

third, the supply of smelting acid increased.

fourth, the impact of imported acid on some regions.

At present, the industry is entering a period of overcapacity.

At the end of 2013, there were 395 sulfuric acid production enterprises above designated scale in China, the preliminary verification showed that the sulfuric acid production capacity was about 118 million tons.

In 2013, the average operating rate of sulfuric acid plant was only 75%, the surplus capacity reached 30 million tons.

Moreover, with the development of non-ferrous metal industry, a number of large medium-sized non-ferrous smelting acid making plants have been completed put into operation during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan".

In addition, with the supporting devices for chemical fertilizer chemical industry, the sulfuric acid production capacity in China will reach 120 million tons by 2015, the excess capacity will exceed 30%.

At the same time, the dem growth of sulfuric acid industry is limited.

In 2013, acid for phosphate fertilizer accounted for 57.

2% of the total consumption of sulfuric acid, down 0.

8% over the previous year.

At present, due to the serious overcapacity of phosphate fertilizer, the domestic dem for phosphate compound fertilizer is basically stable.

Under the joint action of scientific fertilization ecological agriculture, the dem for phosphate fertilizer has entered the platform period, it may show a downward trend in the later stage.

In addition, the export situation is not optimistic.

Although the fertilizer export policy is relaxed, with the continuous growth of phosphate fertilizer production in Saudi Arabia, North Africa other countries, the international phosphate fertilizer market is also in a situation of oversupply.

Therefore, the overall dem growth of phosphate fertilizer for sulfuric acid is limited.

At the same time, in the face of the slowdown of national economic growth, most other acid industries are facing overcapacity, the growth of sulfuric acid dem is limited.

Under the dual pressure of overcapacity limited dem, by the end of 2013, the national average price of 98% sulfuric acid was 240 yuan / ton, a year-on-year decrease of 27.3%. From now on, the downturn will continue.

Wu Xuemei said that the sulfuric acid market will face a long-term situation of oversupply serious price pressure.

Zhao Lei, a senior analyst at the British Commodity Research Institute, believes that due to the unsatisfactory prices of sulfuric acid iron slag powder, the operation of small medium-sized enterprises will be difficult to sustain in the future in the face of higher environmental protection requirements increasing freight charges.

In recent years, due to the pressure of cost environmental protection, in order to curb the malicious speculation speculation of sulfur suppliers, from the market point of view, after years of high-speed growth, the growth rate of sulfur based sulfuric acid has slowed down, while the growth rate of smelting acid is still strong.

In recent two years, the average annual growth rate of sulfuric acid based on sulfur is only 1.

6%, while that of smelting acid is 7.8%. Zhao Lei analyzed that, as the largest sulfur importing country in the world at present, the CIF ratio of sulfuric acid to sulfur on the Chinese market in recent years has been significantly lower than 1:3, even reaching 1:4 or 1:4.5. This is mainly due to the strong competitiveness of smelting acid in price.

From the perspective of dem, under the comprehensive cost accounting of users, when the cost of sulfur-based sulfuric acid production is too high, downstream users will You'll have to look for alternatives.

In the future, the share of smelting acid in sulfuric acid market will be further increased.

According to statistics, in 2013, Jinchuan, Fuchunjiang, heding copper Tongling Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. in Guangxi were put into operation.

in 2014-2015, Northern Copper, Yuguang Gold (copper), Zhongyuan Gold, Dongying Lufang, etc.

, were designed put into operation, with a new acid production capacity of about 5.

1 million tons.

meanwhile, the construction of sulfuric acid plants supporting lead zinc smelting plants, such as southern nonferrous metals Yunnan Hui During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the production capacity of smelting acid will increase by more than 13 million tons, the production capacity will be concentrated in 2014 2015.

Wu Xuemei said that the high sulfur price will lead the sulfuric acid dem enterprises to turn to smelting acid.

As an environmental protection recycling by-product of non-ferrous metal smelting, smelting acid has cost advantages, conforms to the direction of industrial development, is a priority sulfur resource in industrial policy.

At present, smelting acid has occupied a dominant position in China's commercial acid market.

In the commercial acid market, smelting acid accounts for about 78%, which is the main source of commercial acid, of which about 10 million tons are supplied to chemical fertilizer enterprises.

Driven by the increasing market cost environmental protection pressure the slowing down of market dem, Wu Xuemei said that technological innovation has become the focus of promoting the transformation development of sulfuric acid industry in recent years, the technical level of acid production from smelting flue gas has been greatly improved.

The largest single plant for sulphuric acid production from smelting flue gas reaches 800000 tons / year, that from pyrite reaches 400000 tons / year.

With the application of oxygen enriched smelting technology, the conversion of high concentration SO2 has been realized, the sulfuric acid production process with low concentration or discontinuous flue gas recovery has been successfully developed applied.

Low temperature potential heat recovery technology has been fully promoted.

The first set of low-temperature potential heat recovery unit has been built put into operation in Jinchuan, Guangxi.

the low-temperature heat recovery demonstration unit for sulphuric acid production from pyrite has also been completed.

According to the statistics of the association, in 2013, 115 sulphuric acid enterprises 190 mine based acid enterprises recovered about 80 million tons of medium low pressure steam, equivalent to saving 11 million tons of stard coal reducing 28.

1 million tons of carbon dioxide.

At the same time, the performance of sulfuric acid catalyst is constantly improved, various tail gas treatment technologies are emerging, SO2 emission of sulfuric acid industry is greatly reduced.

According to statistics, the SO2 emission of sulfuric acid industry in 2013 was 72000 tons, accounting for 0.

35% of the national SO2 emission.

56000 tons of SO2 emission was reduced by 43.

8% compared with 2011.

With the adjustment of industrial structure, sulfuric acid supply channels are diversified.

With the adjustment of industrial structure, the sulfuric acid industry has a multi-channel supply situation, enterprises are also showing a diversified trend in exploring supply channels.

Wengfu (Group) Co.

, LtdMei Tongyou said that in the past two years, Wengfu has explored a long-term stable route of diversified sulfur resource supply channels, with annual external supply of sulfuric acid reaching 70% of the dem.

Jinchang, Gansu Province, makes full use of sulfuric acid in Jinchuan nickel base to ensure a relatively stable amount of sulfuric acid no matter whether the market goes up or down.

uses sulfur concentrate s Jiangxi copper to build a joint venture plant in Yongping, using a fixed amount of sulfuric acid from Jiangxi Copper every year.

establishes long-term cooperation with Witton to build plants in Guizhou headquarters Dazhou base to supply sulfuric acid steam.

cooperates with Fujian Zijin to maintain the price of sulfuric acid Long term stability.

established a joint venture company with Guizhou Duyun power plant to generate electricity from high sulfur coal, recover SO2 produce sulfuric acid with an annual output of 400000 tons.

When interviewing Zhai Hongxuan, deputy general manager of Shong Lubei Enterprise Group Corporation, the reporter found that at present, Lubei's use of gypsum to produce acid has ushered in a "blue ocean" world of enterprise development.

On the one h, it meets its own needs, on the other h, low-cost acid making has become a sharp weapon for enterprises to win the market.

Wu Xuemei said that new changes have taken place in China's sulfuric acid marketing pattern.

Enterprises have changed from the traditional sales model of price difference in the past to supply at a relatively stable price establish long-term cooperative relationship.

The pattern of combination of acid fertilizer acidification is becoming more more obvious.

Facing the future trend of industrial development, Qi Yan, President of China sulfuric acid industry association, said: "control the development of production capacity eliminate backward production capacity with various access conditions, environmental protection indicators market means.

Under the new national policy of building ecological civilization, the sulfuric acid industry should closely focus on environmental protection, energy conservation consumption reduction, carry out technological innovation management innovation, strengthen the combination of production, learning research, accelerate the industrial transformation development, take the road of green low-carbon cycle sustainable development.

" Qi Yan believed that encouraging large-scale smelting enterprises to unite with chemical fertilizer chemical enterprises, establishing long-term strategic partnership doing a good job in regional cooperation can not only ensure the production of nonferrous metals, but also stabilize the sulfuric acid market.

Making full use of the sulfur resources associated with by-product sulfuric acid non-ferrous metals, striving to improve the self-sufficiency rate of sulfur resources, gradually reducing the external dependence of sulfur, reducing the impact of uncertainty deliberate speculation in the international sulfur market on our industry, which is conducive to the healthy development of the sulfuric acid industry.

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