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The role of roll forming machine in sheet metal production

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The role of roll forming machine in sheet metal production
Sheet metal has countless applications, from automobiles and air vehicles to medical devices, roofing and more. Therefore, the sheet metal manufacturing industry is booming. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the sheet metal industry is expected to grow 9 percent by 2026.
Workers use a variety of tools to form and process raw metal into sheets, the most important of which are roll forming machines. What is the winding machine, and what role does it play in sheet metal production?
Overview of roll forming
A roller mill is a manufacturing device consisting of two or more rollers through which the raw metal is transported. The purpose of the roller is to compress the raw metal into a thinner, more uniform shape, which is essential in the production of sheet metal. They feature at least a pair of rollers that compress the material as it is fed in. When the metal comes out of the roller, it has a thinner, more uniform shape.
Roller mills have existed for centuries. According to Wikipedia, the world's first roll forming machine was invented by Henry Cote in the mid to late 18th century. Although Cote's design was very basic, it allowed the steel mill to produce 1,500 percent more metal than before.
Steps to produce sheet metal
To produce sheet metal, metalworking companies first heat the raw metal in a large furnace. Once the metal is molten, workers pour the liquefied metal into a thin ingot shaped mold and allow it to cool.
Next, a worker feeds the ingot into the roll of the roll forming machine. Each pair of rollers compresses the ingot, making it thinner and more even.
Metals are usually annealed after rolling. This involves heating the metal and then cooling it. The purpose of annealing is to relieve stress and thus improve the strength and durability of the metal.
Rolling machines beyond sheet metal production Although roll forming machines are most common with sheet metal production, they are used in other metal working applications. For example, rolling machines can bend raw metal into unique shapes. However, by definition, a roll forming machine -- when used for metal processing -- is a machine containing one or more pairs of rollers to manipulate the raw metal.
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