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Zirconium carbide product application cases

wallpapers News 2021-12-16
1, ZrC zirconium carbide powder material used in the new thermal insulation temperature textiles, highly effective absorption of visible light, reflected infrared characteristic, when it absorbs 95% of the sun under 2 microns long short wave energy, through the thermal conversion, energy can be stored in the material, it also has reflected the characteristics of more than 2 mu infrared wavelengths. The wavelength of infrared rays produced by the human body is about 10μm. When people wear textile clothing containing ZrC, the infrared ray of the human body will not be easy to emit. This shows that zirconium carbide has ideal properties of heat absorption and storage.
2, ZrC zirconium carbide powder material used in nylon, using zirconium carbide compound particles into nylon and polyester fiber, make it efficient absorption of solar energy and converted into a kind of fabric, that is, far-infrared insulation fabric. It improves thermal insulation and has practical significance for clothing in a cold environment. The exothermic textile "So1ar & Micro "produced by Unica Japan in cooperation with Descente"Type" (Sun micro) is a textile made of ZrC zirconia carbide powder added to nylon silk. This textile is used to make sportswear. The garments made of 60 cents 15 and 130 cents 32 silk were chosen by the Spanish, Australian, and Canadian national teams at the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.
3, ZrC zirconium carbide powder material is used in fiber, different ZrC powder, and silicon carbide powder content and adding methods affect the fiber near-infrared absorption performance, when the fiber zirconium carbide or silicon carbide content reaches 4% (weight), the fiber near-infrared absorption performance is good, The near-infrared absorption effect of zirconium carbide and silicon carbide in the shell of fiber is better than that in the core layer. The influence of preparation technology of phase change material microcapsule and nanocapsule on the structure and properties of the capsule was studied, and the undercooling degree of microcapsule was reduced by adding the undercooling crystallization inhibitor. Was studied using phase change material microcapsule melt spinning and solution preparation of regenerative thermal control fiber spinning process technology, fiber structure, and properties, respectively made containing 20% (weight) and 30% (weight) of the phase change material microcapsule fiber, the fiber has obvious heat absorption storage function, processed into the textile with functions of temperature control.
4. "Thermotron" of Unidicco fiber company is designed by adding ZrC zirconium carbide powder material to the core of the yarn to convert sunlight (visible light) into heat energy and reflect the far-infrared light emitted by the body to keep warm.'Her Amino, Zhong Spinning synthetic fiber's thermal storage, and insulation polyester material, evenly penetrate the far-infrared absorption material to the molecular structure of the fiber, thus improving the absorption rate of external infrared rays such as sunlight. At the same time, it absorbs the infrared rays emitted by the human body and converts them into heat, exerting the effect of heat storage and insulation. In addition, through the special treatment of the dyeing process, eliminate rough and hard feelings." INSERARED" of Fujitsu Textile is a blend of polyester fiber and cotton with far-infrared ceramics. Not only for underwear but also for bedding and so on. Corolla also has a lot of far-infrared-related products.WAVE improves insulation by adding ceramic components.
5, used for textile fabric heat preservation. The fabric absorbs sunlight energy, converts it into heat, and stores it in the fabric to keep it warm. This product has been developed by Unitika, called "SolOR-A". ZrC zirconium carbide powder material is added to the core of the conjugated polyester fiber to make the fabric warm.

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