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The rise of clamp-type CT current sensors in personalized healthcare

With the continuous progress of medical technology, personalized healthcare has become an important development direction in the current medical field. The clamp-type CT current sensor, as a new type of medical equipment, provides a new means for personalized medical treatment by measuring the distribution and changes of internal currents in the human body. This article…

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Cable Current Transformers: A New Chapter in Innovating Power Transmission

In the 21st century, with the continuous progress of technology, people’s demand for electricity is increasing day by day, and higher requirements have been put forward for the efficiency and safety of power transmission. In this context, Cable Current Transformers, as an innovative technology, is attracting widespread attention worldwide. It not only breaks the limitations…

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Indoor Low Voltage Lighting Transformer: Efficient and Safe Lighting Solutions

As people’s requirements for indoor lighting increase, low-voltage lighting systems have gradually become popular. As an important component of this system, the Indoor Low Voltage Lighting Transformer (ILVLT) plays a key role. This article will detail the characteristics, advantages, applications, and precautions of Indoor Low Voltage Lighting Transformers to help you better understand this lighting…

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